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Cleaning Up

Beach clean-ups are considered one of our most effective ways to raise awareness for plastic pollution and involve the local community. When people see the amount of plastic waste collected from their local beaches, it makes the issue more real and immediate, motivating them to take action.


Beach clean-ups offer a practical and accessible way for local communities to get directly involved in addressing environmental issues. It allows individuals of all ages and backgrounds to participate in a meaningful activity that fosters a sense of responsibility and stewardship for their environment.

During beach clean-ups, participants can learn about the types of plastic pollution, its impact on marine ecosystems, and the broader consequences for human and marine animal health and the environment. This hands-on experience helps to raise awareness and understanding of the issue.

​Beach clean-ups cost nearly nothing, and they tend to attract media coverage, helping to amplify the message and reach a broader audience. Increased media attention can lead to more people becoming aware of the plastic pollution problem and possibly inspire them to participate in future clean-up efforts or adopt more sustainable practices.

When people actively engage in beach clean-ups and witness the scale of plastic pollution, it can prompt a shift in their behaviour. Participants may become more conscious of their plastic usage, reduce single-use plastic consumption, and encourage others to do the same.

Clean-ups do not only take place on beaches - you can do a clean up everywhere in the world. There is not a single part of the Earth without plastic. If you see it, pick it up.

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