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Animal Rehab

Animal rehabilitation is our least predictable field of action. We are not an animal rehabilitation facility. Due to a lack of suitable places, we often find ourselves with unexpected visitors. 

Over the years, we had a few pelicans, penguins, owls, etc etc in our yard or bathtub or shower.  It is often less than ideal, but where else should those animals in need go? We will try and give them a fighting chance, as most of them are in their situation because of human animal conflict. 


There are no plans to open a seal rehab station. Seals are not an endangered species in Namibia. It is part of nature that many seals do not reach adulthood. We only interfere with seal rescues because entanglements are unnatural. We cannot open up a seal rehab station for the hundreds, if not thousands of newborns every year that are abandoned by their mothers. 

Animal rehab is very costly and often frustrating. 


Not all of our temporary visitors survived, but some of them did.

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