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Volunteering with OCN  

We are grateful for the interest in our work and the willingness of so many individuals to donate their time and energy to our cause. We appreciate it. However - at this stage, Ocean Conservation Namibia is NOT able to take volunteers. We have a few reasons for that:

1. Corona. Until the situation is under control, and our world is fully functional again, we cannot even consider bringing volunteers into Namibia.

2. Due to lockdown, we have focused exclusively on seal rescues. Other projects will come, but schools are closing again due to the third wave, and public education meetings and presentations are still impossible. Ministries and government agencies are behind schedule due to long periods of closure and changes in policy cannot be scheduled currently. 

3. For rescue patrols, we cannot have more than a maximum of 4 people per action team. Our animals are sensitive and react badly to crowds. We only do seal patrols in bigger groups if we are on the beach for other reasons such as beach clean ups or family outings, and opportunistic seal rescues become possible, or to train new full time members.


4. We cannot take volunteers along who might disrupt our efforts due to over eagerness, carelessness or incompetence. Seal rescuers go through a long training process to ensure safety and minimum impact on seals. When volunteering with OCN becomes a reality, we will be looking for long term volunteers, not short stays. Our animals are not a "holiday add on" or photo opportunities for quick fame, they are critically injured animals in need of professional help. 

5. Local volunteers will get preference. Namibia offers few options for environmental volunteering, and most Namibians cannot afford to do international internships. 

6. Our organisation is very small. Until we had time and space to develop OCN, we do not have structures in place for volunteers. We will be selective with our volunteers, applicants with a veterinary, animal rehabilitation or marine biology background will get preferential consideration.

Our work is dangerous and risk and safety concerns apply.  


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