Volunteering with OCN  

Ever since our Youtube channel "exploded" in the beginning of June because of the "Baby Seal Thanks Rescuer" video, we have had a lot of requests for volunteering. We are incredibly grateful for the interest in our work and the willingness of so many individuals to donate their time and energy to our cause. We appreciate it a lot. 

However - at this stage, Ocean Conservation Namibia is not able to take volunteers. We have a few reasons for that:

1. Walvis Bay, the town in Namibia where we are based, is under full lock down. It is the epicenter of the Corona outbreak in Namibia with many new cases every day. Nobody can enter or leave Namibia unless it is a severe emergency. Until the situation is under control, and our world is fully functional again, we cannot even consider bringing volunteers into the country.

2. Due to Corona, we focus exclusively on seal rescues at Pelican Point right now. Schools are closed - we cannot do educational presentations. Gatherings of 10 people or more are not allowed - we cannot do public education meetings. Ministries and government agencies are on lock down - we cannot get in touch with the relevant authorities for changes in policy. Our region is on lock down - we cannot go to other regions with seal populations including Luderitz or Cape Cross for seal rescues. 
At Pelican Point, we cannot have more than maximum 3 people on seal patrol at a time. Our animals are too sensitive and react badly to crowds. 

3. Local volunteers will get preference. Namibia offers few options for environmental volunteering, and most Namibians cannot afford to do international internships. 

4. Our organisation is very small, but the work load is growing very quickly. We will need help eventually. Until we had time and space to develop OCN, we do not have structures in place for volunteers. But we are working on it - it will happen in the future. 

We will be selective with our volunteers, applicants with a veterinary, animal rehabilitation or marine biology background will get preferential consideration.

Our work is dangerous and risk and safety concerns apply.  


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