Naude Dreyer

Born into a family of Namibian conservationists, Naude has been involved with several environmental projects his whole life. He keeps a strong link to the Ocean through employment in diving, surfing and kayaking . He gained unexpected international fame through a dolphin rescue video he published on social media in 2016. Increasing encounters with entangled seals on the Namibian Coastline inspired Naude to step into action. What started as opportunistic seal rescues, turned into Ocean Conservation Namibia.


Katja Dreyer

As a political scientist, Katja is no stranger to non-governmental organisations and their importance in a functioning society. She works mainly behind the screen and keeps OCN organised, active and visible. 

Parenthood is a huge motivator for Naude and Katja - Ocean Conservation Namibia has partially been created to teach Naude's and Katja's children that it is possible to be part of the local solution to a global problem. 


Antoine Amory

Former fire fighter, currently an active crew member on the Ocean Warrior, Antoine has been part of Sea Shepherd for the past 12 years.  In 2019, during Operation Vanguard to patrol  and protect Namibia's sea creatures, he met Naude in Walvis Bay and got involved with the ongoing seal rescues. 

In May 2020, Antoine was part of the "100 seals for time" campaign. He is currently back on the Ocean Warrior in South America, but he will be back in Namibia for more seal rescues. 

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