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Stop Marine Phosphate Mining In Namibia! 

Namibian Marine Phosphate (NMP) Pty Ltd is the company heading the project, known as the Sandpiper Project - The company has a current and valid Mining License ML170 that was issued in 2011 for a period of 20 years. Commencement of commercial dredging operations is conditional on the granting of an environmental licence for both the land and marine components of the project. NMP is at an advanced stage in the gaining of such clearances for the full development of the Sandpiper phosphate project. Read more about the project here -

The project was stopped in 2012, but was recently revisited. This page aims to raise awareness of the planned Marine Phosphate Mining project off the coast of Namibia, and to stop the project from going ahead. Why?

1. It will be the first of its kind in the world (everyone else said no!). Phosphate mining is usually done on land. Mining it from the ocean floor will be a new experiment, and we just can't risk our ocean. Namibia is not for sale. 

2. There is enough phosphate in circulation in the world, and there have been promising projects championing the recycling of phosphate. Instead of spending millions of dollars to undergo an untested project on our seabed ( Start-up capital costs are estimated at US$326M) without concrete evidence that this will not cause irreparable damage to our marine biodiversity, finances and energy need to be poured into securing future levels of phosphate in renewable methods.

3. There are lots of fantastic science-based articles about the damage of seabed mining - some of them we will share below. For newest up to date information, please follow our facebook page specifically dedicated to marine phosphate mining in Namibia:

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