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Awareness Campaigns

Overall, awareness campaigns and public outreach play a pivotal role in engaging society and empowering individuals to become active participants in ocean conservation, ultimately contributing to the protection and sustainable use of marine resources. You probably only know about Ocean Conservation Namibia because of our widely circulated seal rescue videos. 

Rescue Videos

We post daily rescue videos, including on Sundays and Public Holidays, to show that animals are never safe from us. There are no rest days, no breaks. Marine animals are in constant danger.  Well over 3 million followers on our social media channels allow us to broadcast our ocean conservation messages to a wide and diverse audience. We have reached people who might not have been exposed to this issues otherwise.

Younger generations are especially active on social media, and they are passionate about environmental causes, including ocean conservation. Engaging them through social media can help build a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who actively participate in conservation efforts. After all, they are the generation that has to clean up this mess! 

Local Outreach

In our coastal communities, the ocean is not only vital ecologically but also plays a significant role culturally and economically. The fishing industry provides a lot of income and employment in Namibia, especially for women. For many Namibians, the ocean is the basis for their livelihood - but they might not be aware how fragile the marine ecosystem is. 


Local outreach campaigns facilitate the establishment of community-based conservatio. When residents are involved in decision-making and conservation planning, projects are more likely to be successful and sustainable in the long run.

We are proud to have been invited by the Swakopmund Museum for the second year in a row to display our exhibition about the marine ecosystem and entanglements. 

Whenever possible, we visit schools to show some of our videos and to talk about plastic pollution and entanglements. Children are our favourite audience. If you would like the OCN team to visit your school in Namibia, please let us know and we will try our best to make it happen!

Policy Making

Besides our widely publicised seal rescues, we are always busy behind the scenes.
As members of the Namibian Chamber of Environment, we have been able to establish our position in Namibian coastal conservation.

We are grateful to be be part of regular Marine Coastal Talks with industry stakeholders. 

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Contact Us:

Namibia: Ocean Conservation Namibia Trust, PO Box 5304, Walvis Bay, Namibia

USA: Ocean Conservation International, 8 The Green, STE A, Dover , DE 19901

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