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The OCN team is incredibly proud to announce a limited release of our full documentary Cutting The Line!

The movie follows Naude and Katja Dreyer, and their three children as they embark on a mission to rescue seals entangled in deadly plastic pollution along the Namibian coastline. What begins as a few spur-of-the-moment rescues quickly evolves into a unique environmental organization that finds itself pitted against a mounting global crisis.


Cutting the Line premieres online on June 08 2023, World Oceans Day, and will be available to watch through Vimeo On Demand for a limited three-day period, after which it will start showing on the international film festival circuit.

We cannot air the movie for free, it would no longer be eligible for film festivals. If the film is aired for free online, it won’t be eligible for film festivals or any potential broadcast or streaming distribution in the future. Vimeo is a trusted on-demand platform. All it will require is a quick sign-up and a small payment for you to view the premiere. 

Tickets are $4.99, with all proceeds going to Ocean Conservation Namibia and Plastic Oceans International, to continue the fight for a plastic-free ocean.


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